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North Entrance Passage | Knossos

At the southwest corner of the Pillar Hall there is a doorway that leads to a long corridor, known as the North Entrance Passage, that gradually slopes up 25 meters to the Central Court. The passage was at most no more than a couple of meters wide and was hemmed in on each side by three bastions built at the beginning of the Second Palace Period. On the western side, the bastions supported a magnificent portico which sheltered painted reliefs of what appear to be bull-catching scenes, similar to those depicted on the cups found at Vapheio on the Greek mainland. A column base and fragments of stucco were found in the passage below, enabling Evans to reconstruct porticoed balconies.

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How to use

Crete3D application is presented through a two-axis canvas.
The x axis hosts the historical periods: Minoan, Hellinistic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman, Modern.

The y axis depicts the different ‘Levels of Detail’ consisting of: Crete, Prefecture, Region, Complex, Monument.

Top-to-bottom transition occurs successively by clicking the monuments pins.

By passing the mouse over the pin, the corresponding title of the monument appears.
A pin with solid orange color represents the monuments’ transformation, while transparent pin color is used when a monument remains untouched through the specific period of time.

Bottom-up transition occurs through clicking on the icons of y-axis.

The user zooms in and out through a smoothscroll of the mousewheel up and down correspondingly.

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Research team:

Technical University of Crete
School of Architectural Engineering & School of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Digital Media Lab

P. Parthenios, assistant professor - scientific coordinator
A. Mania, associate professor
F. Mallouchou, professor
S. Yiannoudes, lecturer
A. Oikonomou, adj. lecturer
L. Ragia, adj. lecturer
N. Patsavos, adj. lecturer
A. Karagianni, phd candidate
C. Manzetti, phd candidate
P. Kotsarinis, student [Web Application Developer]
M. Dimitriou, student
A. Charatsaris, student
E. Geromitsou, student
D. Gina, student
G. Kostopoulou, student
E. Markozani, student
C. Moudatsakis, student
D. Pasas, student
N. Roditis, student
C. Sideri, student
S. Stefanakis, student
V. Vitorakis, student
D. Zervoudakis, student
S. Zoyganelis, student

Funded by CYTA Hellas based on a competitive grant awarded to the Technical University of Crete. Under the auspices of the Region of Crete. With the support of the Digital Media Lab, School of Architectural Engineering, TUC.

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